Causes and Treatment for Runny Nose

The runny nose, popularly known as a runny nose, is a symptom that arises in diseases in which there is inflammation of the nasal passages and is characterized by runny nose, transparent, yellow or mixed with blood, and may be accompanied by sneezing and nasal obstruction.

When not treated, the runny nose may increase the likelihood of developing sinusitis, bronchitis or even pneumonia, for example. A great natural remedy for runny nose, is the juice of the cashew, which is rich in vitamin C. Another homemade solution is very important for a runny nose is the nasal lavage with saline, which allows clearance of the airways.

Causes and Treatment for Runny Nose 1

The main causes of runny nose

The runny nose is a symptom of some infections or processes of an allergy, such as:

  • Allergic rhinitis, which is caused by dust, pollen or climate change, the runny nose is transparent, and is usually accompanied by sneezing, itchy nose, and nasal obstruction;
  • Viral infection,the nasal discharge is clear and may arise along with other symptoms of the flu or a cold, such as headache and muscle, malaise or fever.
  • Bacterial infection, in which the nasal discharge is yellow-greenish and is a common sign of rhinosinusitis bacterial, the symptoms of which are cough, pain and weight in the head.

Causes and Treatment for Runny Nose 2

If the runny nose is constant, it is important to go to the allergologyst or general practitioner for that it is identified the cause and can start the treatment.

How to treat runny nose

The treatment of runny nose is usually done with medicines have properties vasoconstritoras, namely, that you are able to decrease the vasodilation of the nasal mucosa, being recommended in most of the times the use of medicines that fight the flu and allergy, such as anti-allergic and antipyretic.

In addition, it is important to wash your hands well, avoid very crowded and with little ventilation, and to perform the cleaning of the nose periodically to clear the nasal passages and allow the output of the causative agent of runny nose.

Causes and Treatment for Runny Nose 3

A good home remedy for runny nose is the juice of the cashew, which is rich in vitamin C, strengthening the body’s defenses.