How to Deal With Negative Thoughts? These 6 Strategies Will Help!

Sees everything in the negative? He worries too much and never sees the good side of things? So, watch out these tips to know how to deal with negative thoughts.

We spent much of our time concerned with the future, relive the past and concentrated on the events of life that leave us dissatisfied. Not knowing how to deal with negative thoughts, common and unwanted, and prevent us from enjoying all of the experiences magnificent that life has to offer us and can leave us depressed and anxious.

But how can we deal with the negative thoughts? How to focus attention on what is really important? Let’s find out!

There is good news! Practice dedicated and consistent of certain strategies can contribute to the replacement of the standard thoughts, negative thoughts really useful, that make a difference in our happiness and well-being daily. It is certain that we are not always able to control what we think, but we can learn to identify the situations in which we find ourselves sunk in thought patterns, negative and then redirect the thinking to a way more constructive and positive.


Put into practice these 6 ways to reduce and manage negative thoughts:

How to Deal With Negative Thoughts These 6 Strategies Will Help! 1


Our mind has the ability to convince us of something that is not really true and are these thoughts inaccurate that reinforce the negative thoughts. It is important to learn to recognize distorted thoughts, to be able to challenge them.

Some of the distortions of thinking most common are:

  • Thought dichotomic: the thought of the all or nothing type, 8 or 80, black or white. Consists in the inability to see the middle-term of situations, in the extreme appreciation of the events, without taking account of the issues intermediaries;
  • Customization: it happens when we feel 100% responsible for the events, assuming that we are guilty for everything that goes wrong;
  • Mental filter: consists in the fact that we focus only on the negatives, ignoring the rest of the information. Everything is that negative is filtered and absorbed, while anything that is positive is forgotten;
  • Catastrophizing: passes by supposing that the worst possible outcome will happen. Occurs when we predict the future negatively without considering other outcomes more likely.


Always aware of the presence of a negative thinking and distorted, stop and consider whether it really corresponds to reality. Think how you would respond if you were a friend of his to speak of himself that way derogatory. What you say? Apply the same logic to their own thoughts.


We all judge and we extend this judgment to others, many times almost unconscious. However, when constantly we compare ourselves to others, we feel dissatisfaction in relation to our life. When you realize that you are judging yourself or the other person, seek to change this thinking by the positive qualities that you find.

How to Deal With Negative Thoughts These 6 Strategies Will Help! 2


Insist on the negative and ignore the positive is part of human nature, however, the greater your ability to focus on strengths rather than focus on the mistakes made, the easier it will be to feel good about even comes out and to your life.


One of the best ways to divert the focus of the negativity, judgment and disappointment passes by listing the things your life for which you feel grateful. Everything has a place in this list, since be grateful for a well paid job, for having a bed where to sleep every night, by the sun that arises every morning, by the people that love you, care for you and will never leave the hand.

Put into practice the following challenges:

  • Keep a gratitude journal, write in it often and feel your perspective changing gradually;
  • Express your gratitude to the people that surround them. For example, you can send an email to that special friend who has a lot to be thankful for.


If you do not feel able to manage their negative thoughts or discover how these are interfering in your daily life, you should seek advice from a professional in the area of mental health.

How to Deal With Negative Thoughts These 6 Strategies Will Help! 3


If you’re tired with the fact that negative thoughts dominate your life, it’s time to implement these small changes in your day-to-day. Try to move away from trials and train your ability to think of alternative way. Look for the reasons that lead him to see the negative side of all situations and all people, including their own. Look for evidence that prove these judgments or toxic, in case you find, move away from these thoughts and not take as absolute truths.

Finally, do not forget that your thoughts and behaviors may alienate others, leading them to react negatively to you. Till thoughts, more benevolent and less toxic.