Neuralgia: What Is the Origin and Treatment of This Severe Pain?

The neuralgia, and may even be one of the worst pains a Man can feel, has many forms, causes, and treatments. Find out in what consists this pain.

Intense pain is the more common of neuralgia. Also called neuralgia, is characterized then by an episode of very strong pain, incessant and acute, like a cut or a burn that occurs in the wake of an injury to a nerve. Nerve this that can be situated in any part of the body, being most common in the region of the face or neck.

This problem, presents a variety of signals, along with the intense pain, intermittent or constant, such as, increased sensitivity in the skin, along the nerve damaged, and weakness or paralysis of the muscles.

The most important part in the treatment, and faster, is to relieve the pain that tends to be desperate due to their strong intensity. Then, there should be a control, in the sense of eliminating the problem.

For this purpose it is necessary to know what are the causes, as well as what type of neuralgia this is all about.


There are 7 types of neuralgia that are common in patients, and the one that occurs after an infection by the virus Herpes (post-herpetic), the trigémio and glossofaríngeo are the most common and most important. Let us know a little about each one.

Neuralgia What Is the Origin and Treatment of This Severe Pain 1


It is characterized by a dysfunction of the nerve of trigeminal, causing pain in the course of this nerve, which extends from the brain to the face. Occurs due to compression of the nerve by a blood vessel.

Affects people over 50 years of age, and has a prevalence of about 155 people per 1 million patients.


It is characterized by pain only on one side of the face, reaching up to the neck. This pain is constant with burning sensation.

Affects mostly people of the female sex, middle age and is closely related to the disease depression.


It is characterized by pain in the skull, in the area of the nerves occipital, with sensation of electric shock.


It is characterized by a lack of sensitivity in the zone that contains the nerves glossofaríngeos, with the possibility of strong pain.


It is characterized by pain originating in any nerve of the body, affecting mostly the elderly who suffer injuries to the eye, which may develop into hemorragiconecróticas or immuno-compromised, when the lesion is severe or when it affects the part of the nerve is the trigeminal.

It is also known to arise in about 25% of patients who suffer an infection herpes-zoster.


It is characterized by pain along the nerves, inter-costal, located between the ribs. These can find the inflamed or damaged due to injuries or damages caused by surgery.

Neuralgia What Is the Origin and Treatment of This Severe Pain 2


It is characterized by a sharp pain in the sciatic nerve is the largest nerve of our body. Its origin occurs in the pelvis, may pass through the buttock and thigh and affect the legs and feet.

Also known as “sciatica” has as main cause the presence of a herniated disc in the lumbar spine.


The neuralgia has as a basis the nerve, and this is coated by a layer called myelin. When this protective coating is damaged, it is reflected in this pain feature.

Although not always detect the cause or the nerve affected, there are several issues that can be in your base. They are:

  • Use of medicines;
  • Diabetes;
  • Infections for HIV, syphilis, herpes zoster and Lyme disease;
  • Pressure on the nerves caused by bones, ligaments, blood vessels or tumors;
  • Chronic renal failure;
  • Injury.


The main goal of treatment for neuralgia passes by trying to control and, if possible, to reverse the cause of the pain. But, before you can decide what is the best treatment, it is important that the doctor make the diagnosis, being important to the description of pain and symptoms. The specialties most indicated in these cases are the neurology, infectious diseases, nephrology, immunology, endocrinology, or even general practitioners.

However, the diagnosis of this problem is given with much difficulty, since you need to find the nerve damaged and treats him.

For this search are used in medical procedures such as driving the nerve, and the microneurografia, where there is a stimulation of the peripheral nerve. This physical examination shows skin sensitivity, loss of reflexes, loss of muscle mass, lack of sweating, and the node voltage.

The difficulty of the diagnosis, causes there are no specific examinations, however blood tests to check the levels of blood glucose, determination of the function of the liver, magnetic resonance imaging and lumbar puncture are some of the requests to attempt to discover the source of the problem.

Neuralgia What Is the Origin and Treatment of This Severe Pain 3


And found the cause of the neuralgia, it is time to think about the best treatment for the patient. This can go through a surgery to relieve some of the pressure off the nerve, which accumulates in the nerve. Also the administration of medicines, such as painkillers, anti-depressants and anti-convulsant is recurring.

Other possible treatments:

  • Local injections of analgesic for faster relief of the pain;
  • Blockers nervous;
  • Physical therapy;
  • Acupuncture treatments, in the area of alternative medicine;
  • Stimulation of the motor cortex, through the placement of an electrode in the brain connected to a pulse generator to the skin.

Only the doctor can and should prescribe the medicine suited to the case in question, as well as the dosages correct, and the duration of the treatments.