Red Spots on Skin: When You Are a Reason for Concern?

The red spots on the skin should not arouse concern in the person bearer in, since in most cases checks that are benign tumors.

The red spots on the skin or also known as “nevus ruby”, are not automatically synonymous with the concern, or is, the majority are considered benign and not a form of cancer of the skin, remaining with the size of your stable.

This condition is known as hemangioma capillary acquired, that is, if your father or mother have many red spots, it is likely that you will have in the future, however, this type of signals are a response of the body to internal factors (genetics, hormones, etc.) or external (such as, for example, exposure to sunlight incorrect, poor feeding, etc.).

Although generally not to be carcinogenic, should not facilitate with regard to solar exposure, and should be applied sunscreen with sun protection factor (FSP) of more than 30 every 3 hours and avoid exposure in the hottest hours of the day, not forgetting that you should keep them, or subjecting them to periodic medical examinations.

Red Spots on Skin When You Are a Reason for Concern 1


This type of signal occurs frequently with advancing age, being more frequent in adult persons (from 45 years) and older due to the natural aging process, but can also occur at an earlier stage (childhood or adolescence) due to hereditary factors.

People skin tone clear and pregnant women or women in menopause (due to hormonal changes), are also risk groups, may, however, arise in other ethnic groups.


The red spots on the skin appear from one day to the other, however, do not disappear with ease. The places most frequent its appearance are, generally, on the face, neck, chest and arms.

These signals consist of accumulations of cells melanócitas, dilations of the capillaries of small dimensions (typically located between 1 and 4 mm), similar to varicose veins, caused by failures in the vascular system.

These signals may be distributed around the body or concentrated only in a specific area.


This type of sign does not regress, or is, it can only be taken out with some type of treatment, and presents a slow evolution.

The treatment is usually done for aesthetic or preventive, as they are not harmful to the physical well-being, and can be done surgically (usually with a laser or with a scalpel, electric), cryotherapy (the placing of a spray of liquid nitrogen on the signal) or sclerotherapy (introduction of a substance in the blood vessel to eliminate it).

Red Spots on Skin When You Are a Reason for Concern 2

One should not devalue the importance of the treatment of this type of sign in the person bearer in, because as it feature a color eye-catching, may contribute to low self-esteem.


As a way of preventing the onset of this type of signals:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun over the peaks of heat and always use a sunscreen suitable to your skin type, avoiding the early aging of the skin;
  • Drink high amounts of water, at least 2 litres per day, to assist in the elimination of toxins from your body;
  • Make a healthy and balanced diet, ingesting food antioxidants (for example, the red fruit);
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, drugs and tobacco, in order to avoid dysfunction of the liver.


For in addition to prevention, it is important that you follow these tips you will become very important in before and during the appearance of this type of signs:

  • If the signals you may cause itching or bleeding, you should go to a doctor immediately, preferably a Dermatologist;
  • Make regular examinations to go keep an eye on its evolution;
  • If you see any change in signal, such as, for example, asymmetry (lesions asymmetrical are more worrying than the regular), irregular borders, if the nerve has two or more colors or display a dimension of the lesion greater than 6 mm, enter in the classification of the lesion to be monitored by a dermatologist;

Red Spots on Skin When You Are a Reason for Concern 3

  • You should never try to eliminate them at home or in a homemade way by using natural remedies, because the result can be quite harmful for you.