What Is Urticaria Cholinergic and How to Treat It

The urticaria cholinergic is a type of allergy of the skin that arises after increasing the temperature of the body, which can happen in periods of heat, or performing a physical activity, for example.

This type of urticaria is also known as allergy to heat, and is characterized by the appearance of small bumps and red with lot of itching in the affected areas, being very common on the back and neck. To treat this change is necessary to decrease the heat with a cold bath, for example, in addition to the use of medications or ointments, anti-allergic, prescribed by a dermatologist or allergologist’s / immunologists.

The main symptoms

The urticaria cholinergic, typically arises in adolescents and adults, but can happen in people of all ages. It is characterized by the emergence of small bumps, plaques or red patches by the body, which itch and can be isolated or be accompanied by:

  • Swelling in the skin or in the lips, eyes or throat, also known as angioedema;
  • Cough or shortness of breath;
  • Pain in the stomach, nausea, or diarrhea;
  • Decrease in blood pressure.

What Is Urticaria Cholinergic and How to Treat It 1

If these symptoms accompany the rash, it is necessary to go to the er, due to the risk of having difficulty of breathing by swelling of the throat and lungs.

To diagnose this type of allergy, the dermatologist should observe the characteristics of the reaction in the skin, but it may be necessary to carry out a test with local heating, such as contact with hot water for a few minutes, for example.

In babies and in some people, there is also another type of reaction to the heat, but what happens when the sweat caused by the heat clogs and inflames pores and causes a reaction with lumps and itching on the skin, known as brotoeja.

What causes urticaria cholinergic

In urticaria cholinergic, the formation of lumps, plaques or red patches by the body is more common in situations such as:

  • Intense physical exercise;
  • Hot baths;
  • Contact with substances hot compresses;
  • Excess heat, causing sweat.

This type of allergy is part of the group of hives that are triggered by physical stimuli, such as heat, sun, cold, contact with products and sweat, being that it is common for the person to have more than one type.

What Is Urticaria Cholinergic and How to Treat It 2

How is it treated

The hives cholinergic not have a cure, but its symptoms can be relieved. For this, it is necessary to follow the guidance of the dermatologist, which, generally, include the use of some remedies, anti-allergic, as Hidroxizine and Cetirizine, may be associated with ointments to enhance the effect, such as Betamethasone.

In addition to this, it is crucial to make the cooling of the body, with a cold bath or go for a well-ventilated place, for example. In some people, the stress, the consumption of alcoholic beverages or use of other drugs can also trigger or worsen seizures and should be avoided.

Generally, the reactions last about a few minutes to 24 hours, but, in some people, may be chronic and persist for a longer time. Thus, in persons with hives too intense and repetitive, it may be necessary to carry out a longer treatment, with anti-allergy medications or corticoids for more time, to stabilize the immunity.

At home treatment for urticaria cholinergic

The natural treatment for urticaria cholinergic can be done in cases of very mild, or as a complement to the treatment, in the cases more intense, and can be done with cold compresses of chamomile, the plant love-perfect or the pope of flaxseed, 2 times a day.

What Is Urticaria Cholinergic and How to Treat It 3